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I’m not a bible scholar at all. I remember there used to be only one version in my parent’s house as I began to read the bible as a youngster, I also remember those Gideons bibles that were distributed in school, then later a few more versions came in and for my 19th birthday, I received an NIV devotional study bible as a gift from my mother. I read it, brought it to church, sunday school, prayer meetings, etc… It took me a few years doing this, I remember reading it daily to finish from cover to cover, sometimes memorizing a few verses, at times steadily, other times inconsistently, sometimes scarcely. My life took lots of turns since then and now I have my own family. Through the years, God has lovingly provided me with the resources I need to arrive at His truth, and by His grace, Ive come a long way to end up here. To cut the long, dramatic story short, He lead me back to study His true and incorruptible word in English,  the King James Bible. Ever since that day of my awakening, I knew it was for life. Later, I found myself doing this web blog. Trust me, I’m tiptoeing in the fear of God as I write these “Insights”. psalms

As I study the Holy Bible on my own, I am blessed to be led to the King James (authorized) version or KJV, the true written record of God’s word, I use other tools like Webster’s 1828 dictionary (and some minimal Greek and Hebrew literal definitions – which I suggest you try to avoid as  much as possible, I use it only for names and places). In my studies, I use word searches and trace the message with the results, I soon discover that the facets of wisdom I get from one passage seamlessly connects with other passages and explains them, even crossing testaments. Sometimes I cant even explain the connection yet but I realized, yes, I’ve seen this spiritual concept somewhere before. Wow, reminds me how the DNA strand can replicate itself and completes its new structure in autonomic fashion. God’s Word is alive indeed! and its amazing how God reveals His message to those who seek – totally beyond expectations.

I haven’t much attached myself to any commentaries or sermons and now try to stay away from lexicons and just about any book whose authors don’t take scripture from the King James, as scriptural-ly,  we’re told, “good fruits grow on good trees (and good trees only)”. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I  have gained from their testimonies, but by the same grace I’m convinced I shouldn’t be relying on them for interpretation. Growing up, Ive learned not just taking anyone’s word for it, I want to see for myself, I always go back to the true source.

On its own, the Word explains itself. It’s alive and powerful. Pls. “eat the meat and spit the bones” you find here and don’t take mine or anybody’s word for it, read the scriptures for yourself…below is a New!’ link to verbatim scriptures lessons taken straight from the KJV which I harvested through word searching the bible, I try not to explain too much the doctrines here knowing that God’s pure words are simple and crystal clear on their own…if you have the love of the truth (2Thessalonians 2:10) in your heart, you will understand them.

New! Straight from the Bible guides to living a healthy Christian life… Click this link — Life Notes



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