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Psalm 46:1~5 – God is our Refuge and Strength (There is a River)

Song of the times. This psalm comes a long way since David’s time but even today, the words are very much felt by people all over the world, those that have been in distress upon earthquakes and rushing waters from floods and storms and other disasters. In the midst of it all though, there is a river that flows whose streams make glad God’s city, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High. God is in the midst of this city, we shall not be moved and He will help us better than right away – the words are “right early”. Think about that. That’s the God we serve.

Psalm 46

 play- Psalm 46:1~5 – “God is our Refuge and Strength (There is a River)”

@Sound Check> The first few recordings of the psalm was done around September of 2012. A lot of versions were made since, this is one of the first few songs that I was playing and recording. All of the older versions had lyrics taken from another bible version and their melody just died after days of trials. The one above was recorded recently Nov. 23, 2013, probably the only remaining record of the KJversion sound. I cant find the first original recording of this version anymore. 

Psalm 48 – Great is the Lord

This song is one of my choice songs as it reveals God’s power and might and it tells a story of how God deals with the world in His greatness and how His loving kindness is remembered by His people who trust in His right hand which is full of righteousness. We are glad and we shall rejoice because of His judgments. Who can be against us when the Lord of Hosts is with us. Great is the Lord, He is greatly to be praised.

 Psalm 48

 play – Psalm 48 ~ “Great is The Lord”

@Sound Check> The first recording of the song was done Nov 11, 2012. Nothing changed in the style since. However, the song is yet an incomplete rendering of the whole chapter as it doesn’t cover the last 3 verses. God is in charge of its completion so Im waiting on Him for it. This is the first song yours truly sang in public last December 2013 in front of our church folk as I sang it with my son Craig, I prayed that it touched the people who heard it.  Praise your holy name dear Lord God.