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Psalm 54 – Save Me O God

This Psalm is a prayer for salvation and a cry for help. Here is a deep longing for deliverance from our enemies, oppressors seeking after our soul, strangers rising up against us. We don’t forget that God is our helper and He is with us and our brethren in our struggles so we comfort each other in faith. Later the song tells of our God rewarding evil to our enemies and cutting them off like wicked thorns with His truth. The psalmist continues to praise God’s name and tells of being delivered  out of all these troubles. Our God has His desire upon our enemies. At the appointed time, they shall all be removed from our sight. So Christian, endure these times of trouble and persecution, it will not be for long…Praise the Lord!

Psalm 54

play Psalm 54 ~ “Save Me O God”

@Sound Check> A newer recording is what you have here (May 05, 2014) however the song actually came to life in December of 2012. I cant believe it was that long ago as the song is ever so new to me and affects me as it did since the first day. I really enjoyed changing voices in a few older versions and tried to sound like some folk singer, but the way the message stands out from the melody itself amazes me and makes me realize this song is a deep heartfelt shout for redemption, such a longing for God’s mighty hand to pull one out of a deep pit where most of us have been, truly a song close to heart. I hope you enjoy this one.