The next season

Observe the pigs, in their lifetime, they don’t do much but eat, make a mess, sleep and wait for the day of the butcher. They serve their purpose in life feeding the guests. Compare these to the cows that give milk, do some work, then provide its meat, it goes a long way serving the farmer. So does sheep that gives its coat and grows a new one before it also is required later for the slaughter. Mind you farmers treat cows and sheep better than them filthy pigs.

Did you ever noticed that grain crops need to be sown only once, later harvested then much later the waste thrown to the fire? After all this you see the farmer in the next season doing the same thing but with new seeds to grow fresh stalks of wheat, rice or corn…

Spring time breakout

Spring time breakout

Id really rather be a fruit tree that one can expect to pick fruits from in season never having to plant all over again. Of course it takes a few years to grow from seeds to a mature tree, but to the gardener that prunes and cultivates it, its worth the wait. He knows this tree will bear much fruit in the next season.

You have a God that loves you more than these. He treats you as His own child, He wants you to grow and be fruitful now and in the next season. Our wisdom is so negligible compared to His. Were so content just to get by in this world, spoiling in the gifts we get from Him, that we’re alive and were happy and free to do what we like. We hate and curse Him in our pain, forgetting our own mistakes and the much discipline that we need. Instead of enduring the hurt and learning from our failures and allowing Him to heal us, we respond in arrogance and rebellion.

Consider this, after doing your best to recover them, what would you finally do with a helplessly dying pig or the disease stricken milk-less cow or a field of dead wheat stalks or a crooked, fruitless tree in the middle of your yard?

In a separate season, the season of cleaning up, all these will be destroyed and burned up.

Would you soon bear fruit and make it to the next season?