Psalm 51 – Create in Me (A Prayer for Pardon and Renewal)

This Psalm is the first song that I got in the series of psalms that the Lord revealed.  Its a prayer song for pardon and renewal. To me, its a song coming from a desperate heart desiring God’s restoration of Joy and Peace with Him, knowing God will do it.

This passage was revealed to me back in 2011 when my life was in a bit of a disarray, it was a time when I needed peace of heart. I didn’t know this desire so much as to word it out to God and ask it but He gave it to me anyway. At that point, I was just deeply burdened by things around me. Questions arise in my head – was I doing the right thing, was I supposed to do something else instead or am I being too hard on myself, etc… As a new (revived) Christian, I had regrets about the decisions I made, I made a lot of immature choices, I didn’t understand a lot of things, made vows that I wasn’t too ready to do but at the onset was filled with courage to stand up for. It is wonderful to just let God have His way and be led by His Spirit, but almost always, I needed to be encouraged later. The psalm’s message shifted my perspective as I asked God to restore me, to change me and not necessarily my present situation.

Back then, I can’t say I made a lot of great choices, I often later felt otherwise. Looking back now, I realized how God arranged the circumstances in those days to establish my ways today. We really need to be encouraged all the time and remain in that joy of knowing that God’s Salvation is at hand and He is in charge of this life. Since then, this prayer has always been my peacemaker and quiet time song when I need to re-charge and regain my stand in this battle.

Psalm 51:10~12


play – Psalm 51 : 10~12 – Create in Me

@Sound Check> The song file is the newer version that I recorded last year in November. But 2 years before around maybe March 2011 is when I remember recording the first version on my now obsolete mini mp3 recorder. Being the first song, its used to have its lyrics taken from the NIV.