Life Notes: Straight from the Bible

In the forthcoming issues of ‘insights‘ commencing the second week of February 2014, We’ll be sharing straight from the Word of God, teachings that speak about life issues that believers face each day. Things that affect our faith and our behavior, our conversation. Things that matter most to God and things that can only be expressed the way God determined it for you and me, things that can only be taken straight from His own words.

In my understanding, God will have His way for His words to touch every heart, we can only pray to be able to rightly divide these words for our understanding and sharing.

Please pray that each pure word of God will get planted in your soft hearts and that nothing can prevent it from taking deep root as the Holy Spirit cultivates it to bear fruit through faith. Praise His holy name, what a great and awesome God we serve.

Primer: Biblical testimony of why the KJV is the authentic word of God

  1. Seeking God and finding Him
  2. The Lord’s Guide to prayer
  3. God VS idols
  4. Light OF the world VS light IN the world
  5. A study on Grace and a warning about doctrines
  6. The dreamy Prophets
  7. Message to the Rich
  8. Right Christians in the Wrong Church!
  9. Martha Beware: A message to all the Missionaries of the world
  10. Secret to True Peace revealed
  11. Jesus’ fishermen never went to Bible college!
  12. Whole Duty of Man
  13. Falling Away of the Church – lack of sound doctrine
  14. The Real Jesus Christ identified
  15. The Essential Parable
  16. Love of the World – a downward perilous death trap
  17. Apostasy 101 РHolding truth in Unrighteousness
  18. Apostasy 101 РNo Roots, the Falling Away
  19. No Schisms – The Wife and the Church
  20. Christian’s spiritual swiss knife – 1John 5
  21. Secret to Overcoming Temptations – Don’t Be A Hypocrite!
  22. The Necessity of a Pure Bible
  23. Christian Method: Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship
  24. Tasteless Christianity: Salt Lost its Savour
  25. Like in the Days of Lot: Endtimes Similitude
  26. Constantly Abiding: Eternal Security in a Nutshell



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