Prayers for God’s Children

For We are siblings, Let us grow in love with each other and support each other…

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  • citionahill says:

    Lord Father, we pray for these thy children. You alone know their needs and prayers. May you set our minds to the desires of thy Spirit that we may be quickly restored of the Joy of your Salvation and receive thy promises of blessings and peace. Lead us Father God to the way of righteousness, may we not lack anything good dear God, Oh Lord support us, comfort us and strengthen us, heal us with thy healing hand. May you be with us in full measure and encourage us in our situations by the example of your children and may you encourage others by our words, actions and frame of mind as well. May your Holy Spirit guide us and put into our remembrance the things that Jesus Christ your Son said to us through his teachings and life. Help us to endure the evil we are encountering right now and all that we will be encountering in our lives, let us overcome them and these temptations around us. We pray for these your children and their families Oh Lord:

    Joy and Bill, Mackie, Caroline and her father Chris, Jean’s mother Alice, Nadine, Dorean and her mom Pam, Sandra’s mom and their family, Char, Lilian, Dave and his mother Joan who has cancer, Pamela, Carin and his family and dad, Paul and nephew Herman, Sharon and sister Gail, Tony and Laurie and Susan and their families, Steve, Cole, Noah, Lief, Xenia, Juliet, Chandra, Cassandra, Jon and Jen, with their kids Simon and Ruby, Tim and Sarah with their kids Micah, Jane and Esther, Tim and Barb, Mark and Crystal, Donald and Michelle, Jim and Phyllis, Rick and Marjorie, Ryan and Adam, Gordon and Diane, Dorean and Geoff, Sam and Judy, Pat, Barry and Shanna, Sharon, Kevin and Karen and their family; David and Christina, their kids Tim and Evelyn, Shirley, Devin, Justin, Kirsten, Max, Saralyn, Gracelyn, James, Dennis, Katelyn, Sarah, Brendan, Adam, Hannah, Jennifer, Stephanie, Courtney, Joshua, Alyse, Mackie, Will, Lynn, Thomas, Claire, Graham, Phil and his wife, Kevin and his family with his kids Isaiah and his sibling, his mom and Isaiah’s granny. Bless Guy and his wife and kids, Uujvald and his sibling and parents, Jason and his family out in the farm, Pastor Mark and Tammy and their Big family with Joy, Harold, take care of Gary, Braden, his brother and mum, also Dean, Malou, Dodi and Dave; Arnold, Marlene and kids, Minda and her family. Also bless the children in our Sunday school classes and in our group: Timothy, Zachary, Micah, Eric, Isaiah, Liam and Bennet. Also bless me and Will to be able to teach them your message. Take care of Julie and her daughter who is having financial issues, also the ministry of Bob and Maureen as well as the new members in our church including their kids, like Binil and Sasha, Jiji and Sheena, Wison and Beena…


  • citionahill says:

    Lord God our Father, we also pray for thy children across the globe may you strengthen them and be with them in spite of the many difficulties around them. May your protection be upon your people Oh God and may you destroy the works of the enemy around us. Help us oh Lord to endure these difficulties: the terrorism, calamities, weather changes, geophysical changes, disasters, persecutions, wars, political issues, famines, droughts, economic issues, complacency, family issues, moral decline of society, rampant rejection of God’s laws, ignorance and lack of knowledge, fear and distractions. Help us overcome evil and temptations around us oh God.

    May you hold thy children in thy hands dear God and gather us together and strengthen us that we may not lose hope and that we may increase instead in our faith and love and purity. Send your humble servants, messengers and witnesses to your people dear God and open our eyes and ears to see and hear thy calling and touch our lives so that we would continue to seek thee and find thee. Send us dear God to do your will and purpose. Bless your children in the world and these cities and countries dear Lord:

    North Korea, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Thailand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Africa, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Somalia, South Korea, Jerusalem, India, Japan, China,Cyprus, Mexico, Indonesia, Cuba, Philippines…

    Thank you Lord, May your Kingdom come. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

  • citionahill says:

    Lord God our Father,

    We bring to remembrance the situations of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are undergoing persecutions and trials of the worldly kind and the spiritual.

    We mention our brother Kent Hovind who is still in prison on account of Thy Holy name, preaching Thy message of Truth to your people that they may have their eyes opened and gain knowledge and discernment of the lies and deceitfulness of this world and in so doing provide encouragement and a good example for his hearers.

    May you continue to strengthen and encourage him dear Lord that the knowledge of God will reach more and more people even while he is in chains and if it be your purpose dear God, grant that he may be united again with his family and be given freedom to do thy calling. Praise your Holy Name dear God for this burden of prayer that you have given thy servant and for answering this prayer in its due time, in your season oh God.

    Increase the faith of thy servants dear Lord and let none of these things come to pass without your name being glorified and your purposes fulfilled.

    Glory and Honor belongs to you Oh God. We Praise your Holy name in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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