Prayers for Salvation

Oh Lord, give us compassion and a heart to seek the lost and to care for the needy the way Jesus did. May you heal and deliver us from sin and its punishment. Open the eyes of these your children to see and their ears to hear your message. Soften their hearts to understand it and therefore accept the free gift of Jesus Christ.  Free us from our bondage of our sin Oh God and renew us today. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

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  • citionahill says:

    Lord Father,

    Open the eyes of these your children and touch them with your message today. Send your servants, your messengers, your witnesses to them that they may hear your words and put it in their hearts dear God today. Let them come to know you and know the real you. Let nothing come in between them and your voice that they may be saved today. Let them not be stubborn as they hear it dear Lord and so begin a new life in them – full of hope, peace, joy and the gift of Eternal life.

    Hear our prayers for these your people dear God:
    Jose and kids, Alma, Melody and Shane, Roy, Roxanne and kids, Dave and Gemma, Divine, Rob and future kids, Al, Jade and kids, Nolan, Doreen, Kaila,her sister, Auntie, Jarlo, his wife and kids, Jose G, his wife and kids, Greg W., Mike P., Gerald P., Robert B. who needs healing for their deeper health issues, Coleen, Henry, Rabi and Raj, Raymond at security, Ali and his siblings, Sarah and kids, Edna, her husband and kids, Noel, Rachel and Jannah that they may come to know the real you Lord God. So with Vivian, Arnold and kids, Dwight, wife and kids, Kuya, wife and kids, Sean, Ching and their kids, Danny and his family; Our family friends, their Kids and extended families: Auntie Mary and Uncle Ken, Bebot and son and his fiance, Uncle Mike and Auntie Josie, Uncle Flor and Auntie Judith, Uncle Mark and Auntie Juliet, Uncle Moises and his wife, Uncle Toting and Auntie Cecilia, Uncle Ating and Auntie Joy. Also take care of my friends Scott and Barry, let them come to know you Lord, Joey and Joy and their son Anthony, Atel, Hernan and their kids, Tuula and her family, Alma, Oscar and their family, Jamie, Walther and their children, Dale and his wife, Robin and his family, Naker and his Wife, John Emmy and kids, Nora and Boy and their family, Terry and her spouse and family; touch these your children and their households – Dave N., Dave C., Terry, Ray, Rick A., Rick L., Brad, Lopes, Joe, Vish, Pardeep, Willie, Geoff, Sanjeev, Peter, Sarbjit, Thomas, Gerry, Dave G., Minda, Mobin, Tom and Mike; Also Alan, John, Bryan who is in a low state of his health open his eyes Lord, Parvinder, Steven, Philip, Harvey his brother, Manny, Garth, Dave Y., Dave R., Cliff, Horst, Dave A., Gerry V., Baljit, Frank. Lord God bless these our relatives near and far: Tita Cora, with Glenn, Noreen, Engelene and their children, Tita Mimi and Tito Ramon and their kids John, Ramram and Richard, Tito Bebe and Tita Bebe with CheChe and her kid, Tita Cherry with Kaykay and Katkat, Tita Inday and Tito Ernie and their adopted kids, Tita Luz and Junjun, Tita Unding and Sharon with her family, Tita Aida with Rodney, Maila, Alex and their families, Tito Junior and Tita Mona with their kids, Kuya Joel, Ate Mariet, Rhodora, Diosa, the tenants in their house Dang and their families. Also carry my wife’s family Lord – Lola Ophelia, Mama Elvie, her brothers, Ace, Cocoy and wife, Philip, Jenevie, their children, Auntie Bebe and Christian, Auntie Lorna, Lorena, her husband and children, Uncle Nick and Auntie Merin, Kingkiang and his brother, Auntie Paquita, Bulao, Uncle Alex and Uncle Lando, Uncle Romeo, their wives and children, other families, Paray, Deana and Ethel and Wani. Please send your messengers for these your people and may you raise them up, a generation that pleases you and children who follow your commands and ways.

    May their hearts be convicted by thy Spirit that they would seek you and find you and that their prayers will be heard by you Dear Father Lord. MAY YOU BLESS THEM AND GRANT THEM FORGIVENESS DEAR GOD in thy season and timing, BRING THEM INTO THY FOLD.

    Glory and Honor belongs to you Oh Lord, Great and Awesome God as you call your people today. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Grant it Lord, and Thank You dear Father, Amen.

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