Gravity don’t care whether you believe it or not. It exists and will do to you what it does to everyone else. In the same light, you don’t need to believe in Hell to end up there.

Hi! We hope you are able to shun off any offending sensations you might get while you read through this page and throughout your visit of this site. Its quite obvious that the common worldview has shifted away from what our forefathers started with and some of the text you will find here are often times considered not politically correct in our ‘modern world’. We pray that the Lord will plant the seed of His Word in the purest soil of the garden of your heart today.

This site testifies that there is a God in the Universe, moreover, He made the Universe and everything in it.

Contrary to the lies going around, there is indeed God and there is only one GOD, He’s called : the Almighty Father, The True and Ever-Living God, The Great and Awesome God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. He gave His only Son to save you and me from the punishment of eternal fire reserved for those who dwell in sin and darkness. When His Son died in our place, He paid the price for our sins and reconciled us to the Father. Three days later, He rose from the dead and returned to Him, God sent His Holy Spirit to guide His people until that day when He returns to judge the world and gather His children!

He doesn’t have a ‘queen’ to do His work or intercedes for us or become our mediator. Jesus Christ His Son IS the ONLY Mediator. We are God’s delight and our very existence and life depends on His Mercy and Grace for us. He will do everything to get us to return to Him and accept Him, that’s why He sent His very own Son, God Himself, for us. It is a GREAT insult to the Lord God for us to give our worship and prayer to someone else thinking its for our intercession. By doing this, we belittle what Jesus’ sacrifice did for us. God is greatly jealous about other ‘copy-cat gods’ we replaced Him with today, idols and images, some made of stone, wood and metal as well as those things that are made of our own selfish desires, things that hinder us from giving the Lord first place in our everyday life. All of this should not be a surprise to us. He wrote His commandments and gave examples for us to follow in the Old Testament and the examples of Jesus Christ and His servants in the New Testament. Read your Bibles people and let your eyes be opened to the Truth! Open your ears by listening to His Word. Dont think you will not burn in hell by simply doing good works and not being saved by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen Lord and not the one carved on wood still hanging on the cross.

Everything will pass away, even your very life. When you do, you’ll finally meet Him. You will fall face down, suddenly losing all your strength just realizing how BIG He is and if you’re not right with Him, you’ll quickly regret how blinded you were not to believe.

This site honors GOD and we pray that you do too. This site is rooted in the Word of God. The ‘Owner’s Manual’ of Life – the Bible. Yes, this site is rooted in Jesus Christ who by His death and shedding of  His blood, reconcile us with the Father. Much more by His life, are we saved.

We hope to solicit prayers for prayer requests in this site. We also find testimonies shared by folks whom God has touched in all sorts of ways. This really ‘gathers God’s people together’ praying for, helping and encouraging one another.

The site shares thoughts that deal about being right with God, growing from seed to a fruit yielding tree, following Jesus’ example. Also a few musical pieces and sound clips can be found here, songs of encouragement, musical food coming from the Word of God that should set the desires of God’s Spirit in our hearts.

Glory and Honor belongs to the Lord God Almighty, through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. May the Holy Spirit guide us today. Praise Him.