Prayers for Our Leaders

Oh Lord, Put it in our leaders’ hearts the integrity and the truthfulness to lead the people and the courage to stand for what is right and just in the eyes of God…

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  • citionahill says:

    Lord God,

    We pray for the servants and leaders of our church: Pastor M. J., the elders and deacons of our church, the worship group, financial committee, church ministries, teachers and helpers volunteers in the children’s ministries, outreach programs, kitchen, greeters, offering ushers, clean up crew that love, faith, humility, wisdom and purity will abound in their lives to lead and encourage each one and to help them understand the things that they need to know as they grow in faith in thee. Strengthen them and their families, unify them, and encourage them in humility to carry on and fight the good fight dear God. May you guide them with your Holy Spirit and keep them from stumbling, tripping or falling. Let them not stumble over the gifts that you gave them and may they not stumble over us nor us over them. Increase their faith in full measure Oh God and may your Word overflow in their hearts equipping them with the wisdom and understanding, discernment and revelation that they need in their calling.

    Bless us all Dear God and carry each and every one through to the end. Thank you Lord, in Jesus Christ’s name, we pray, Amen…

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