Psalm 47 – O Clap your hands

Sing Ye praises with understanding! Here is a psalm which describes God’s coming and its pretty accurate with the accounts of other books written in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. So wonderful it inspires the reader of the glory of the coming of the Lord and the wondrous promises and great hope we have in Him. Great promises are in store for the ones He called for Himself, His own people. The shields of the earth belongs to Him, so who can be against us who are called His children, who can withstand God? This could very well be the victory song we’ll all sing in the end of days.

The psalm was for the ‘sons of Korah’, which reminds me of the same children the Korahites who lead the singing and the praising during King Jehoshaphat’s reign (see 2 Chronicles 20). This is when the king called for the dramatic ‘gathering’ of all the people (in Judah) to pray together for the Lord’s protection against three enemies that were attacking them. At this point, King Jehoshaphat humbled himself and lead his people, seeking God and taking that stand to raise arms not for war, but for praising and worshiping the Lord and claiming the promises God made to their father Abraham. Indeed God was faithful to His word and ‘cleaned up’ the enemy not by the might of Judah’s army but by His power which ended up with the enemies ambushing and slaughtering each other in a form of a ‘divine confusion’ (which is common in the Old testament record where God shows His Glory to His people and the heathen). Later, when the people searched for their enemies, what they saw in front of them was a scene of dead bodies and 3 days worth of treasures left for them to plunder! What a gift! This is the God we serve, if only we remain true to Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Obedience is the basic form of worship. Praise the Lord God, Great and Awesome, the Lord of Hosts!

Psalm 47

click on this link – November 2013 Family version – “O Clap your Hands”

play – Sept 30 Psalm 47 orig

@ Sound Check> The latest recording was done in November 2013, in one of our family prayer meetings, truly sweet sounding song with an acoustic guitar. The September 30th recording is the first unrehearsed-recorded version of the psalm and its a whole chapter if you noticed. Truly a wonderful take, I don’t know where that second voice-sounding tone came from, its a bit of an ‘odd’ harmonic that I could never replicate after tuning my guitar a few weeks after this take. Its almost like a choir of angels singing in the background if you listened closely. Great and Wonderful God, Praise be your Name, and for your gift of this song. Another blessing from the True and Ever-Living God!

I peer through the window as I sing this song, I imagined what a great and exciting time to sing this, the day Jesus Christ returns, a Glorious and Triumphant entry it will indeed be!